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We provide the issuance of air tickets to any part of the world, for business or for pleasure, at the most competitive rates, prioritizing the customer at the first place. Also we handle all the visa related services. Further, we arrange inbound and outbound tours selecting most exciting destinations and lodgings as at the customers choice. We promote a special segment of corporate clients giving them travel affiliated solutions, like arranging hotel accomadation, travel insurance and also providing transport facilities or any travel related needs.

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2nd Chance Travels is a dynamic, distinct and fast growing company with over 14 years of experience that specializes in travel solutions. Our core business activities involve in selling air tickets, handling inbound and outbound tour packages, providing Visa services and all other travel related needs. We are one of the top IATA accredited travel agents among over one-hundred. Almost 5% of the national sales is handled through us. Founded in 2000 it has gone from, the first office in Wennappuwa with only one member of staff to a network of 7 branches, respectively in Wennappuwa, Chilaw, Negombo, Wattala, Colombo, and two branches overseas, one in Verona-Italy and one in Brisbane-Australia, with over 50 well trained and qualified members. The Passenger Sales Agent (PSA) office of Srilankan Airlines in Wennappuwa and the PSA office of Kuwait Airways in Negombo are also managed by 2nd Chance Travels.


Duminda Lowe

Managing Director

I always like to dream big because what I have achieved now, were my dreams in the past


Our first step to the Travel trade had begun in the year 2000 with a small office in Wennappuwa. During those days, we had only one staff member and one service desk. At the beginning, we had barely served 50 customers a month. By year 2004, the second staff was appointed. By the end of the year we had our sales grown upto 100 customers a month. In year 2005, we had our first branch office opened at Chilaw, and had started operations. The number of service desks increased to four. During 2006, we launched another branch at Negombo. By then, we had 9 staff members all together. During the same year, we shifted our Head office to a bigger location. The very first major achievement, was from Qatar Airways which was the conversion of our Chilaw office to a Qatar Airways Passenger Sales Agent (PSA) office.

In February 2007, we got accredited by IATA. By this time we began business with several sub-agents. During 2009, we had a total of more than 10 staff. Another major achievement during the year was that we were awarded silver awards by Qatar Airways for sales performance. In 2010, we had a total of 15 staff including staff at branch offices. 2011, we expanded our branch network with another office at Wattala with 3 service desks. At the same time, we were among the top 10 agents in the BSP sales for the year, which was another major achievement. And then, in the year 2012, where we had expanded our services with more staff, as we had 3 offices opened during the same year. Firstly the Colombo branch, followed by the Srilankan Airlines Passenger Sales Agent (PSA) office situated at Wennappuwa, and finally our first overseas branch, situated in Verona, Italy. In 2012, we had an increase of 50% in total sales. Another achievement was our CEO, Dr. Duminda Lowe, getting the opportunity to serve in the Executive Council of Travel Agents Association of Sri Lanka (TAASL) and IATA Agents Association of Sri Lanka (IATA-AASL). Year 2013, as our sales kept growing, our staff strength grew too, as well as our sub-agents, exponentially. In this particular year we shifted our Head Office and also the Chilaw branch office to better locations facilitating convenience to our valued customers. Our journey got brighter with the opening of our second overseas branch, in Brisbane, Australia. Another major accomplishment during the year 2014, was that we became one of the top 5 agents in the country, and also we opened a Kuwait Airways Passenger Sales Agent (PSA) office at Negombo. It has been a long journey. One step after another we will expand our horizons. As the Chinese Philosopher Lao-tzy once said: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".


Our company is registered under the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA). We are also a member of the Travel Agents Association of Sri Lanka (TAASL) and the IATA Agents Association of Sri Lanka (IATA-AASL). Over the years we have been awarded by many airlines for sales performance and have been among the top ten sales performers of almost all major airlines in the country for many years.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to anticipate our clients’ needs and desires providing the best in every aspect of the travel experience. When you hear “2nd Chance Travels” we want it to be synonymous with trust and reliability. Our first priority is our clients’ satisfaction. Our focus to be the most sought after travel agent, not only in Sri Lanka but also in the global market as well. We wish to train our staff to be the most competent in the industry, to establish a culture where everyone strives to be the best in achieving excellence.

16 Years Of Experience
70 Team Members
52 Happy clients
208 Destinations